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Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboarding Checklist

Before going out on the water with your new SUP there's a few things you want to check beforehand. This guide can be your go-to checklist, containing all of the information you need to be safe out on the water.
  1. After buying your board, open the bag to check the contents and ensure everything is inside. We recommend assembling all parts at home first so you don't get disappointed when you next go to the water.
  2. Once open, check the paddle to ensure it locks correctly, you don't want to be on the water and have it break apart. Also check the fin, it should have a nut and bolt attached, this is vital for when your board is being assembled.
  3. Next step is to pump up the board, blowing it up to its suggested PSI to ensure that there is no damage to the board.
  4. Now is the time to place the fin into the tracking, checking for any damage to this also as you don't want to lose your fin when out on the water, it maybe a pain to retrieve.
  5. Once you're happy the board is as it should be and you have everything you need to get going head down to the beach and enjoy the sun!

Take a look at our Fanatic Fly Air/Pure Review/Setup guide for a more in-depth explanation! 


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