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Mustang Survival - Who are they? - Shipmates

Mustang Survival - Who are they?


For 55 years, Mustang Survival has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in marine safety to enhance your experience on the water. We’ve designed, engineered and manufactured products for NASA, Navy Seals, Coast Guard, Police & Military, Ocean Racers, Professional Athletes, and take the same progressive level of dedication towards every aspect of our products.


Their love for the water coexists with our need to prepare when called to it. This course of courage and respect defines us.

With their headquarters poised on the banks of the mighty Fraser River—a behemoth that feeds the Pacific Ocean—we test what we build in real time, in the real world.


From inshore to open ocean, recreation to professional rescue — generations of boaters, anglers, and paddlers have trusted us to shield them from the harshest environments and deliver peace of mind that everyone comes home safe.

They're here to protect the lives of those who live beyond land.


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