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Petrel BS Swim Wetsuit

by Gul
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The open water is calling and the Gul GBS Petrel Swim Wetsuit brings the perfect balance of comfort and performance to any swim adventure.

Made from Y39 (Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene Rubber) this is the most buoyant foam in existence and provides the highest lift, helping to reduce drag created by the submerged body. As part of the design, the neoprene thickness varies between 1.5mm to 5mm to aid buoyancy in key positions, with particular focus on the lower legs to aid buoyancy for triathlete swimmers.

Treated to a Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating, this subtle touch helps you glide through the water by reducing resistance while Gul’s exclusive Revo-Fit Technology aids body alignment and stroke efficiency for an all-together more pleasurable swim experience.

If you’re wondering what the GBS in the title refers to then this is about the glue and blind-stitched design applied across the wetsuit and is an added performance feature to help prevent water from entering your wetsuit, allowing you to swim longer and warmer.

The Storm Petrel is a small seabird that literally flies the seven seas – and is one of the only creatures found on all seven continents.

Gul believe that the power of adventure can be found anywhere and everywhere. Because this seems to be built into the storm petrel’s DNA: Gul Swim has picked it to represent Gul's Signature Petrel Swim Wetsuit.

Key features
• made from Y39 (Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene Rubber)
• glued and blind-stitched (GBS), preventing water entering the wetsuit
• Gul's exclusive Revo Fit Technology for exceptional body alignment and stroke efficiency
• exclusive Gul Swim Y39 Buoyancy Panels - maximum buoyancy with a combination of 1.5mm to 5mm Neoprene thickness
• SCS Coating: Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating
• comes with a mesh drawstring bag for storage and transportation

As with all swimming wetsuits, tears are caused by force and pressure being applied along with sharp or rough finger nails. To avoid these issues we advise taking time and care when putting your wetsuit on, using the palms of your hands to adjust the neoprene into place. Please refer to the wetsuit care guide contained with your wetsuit or call our team instore on 01935 414142 if you require any further assistance.

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