Junior Automatic Lifejacket - Various Colours & Designs

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The Junior J-Zip is intended for people in the weight range of 15 – 40kgs.

The unique design of the jacket will make these users more interested in wearing these lifejackets.

Produced in a selection of cool and funky cover styles and even made to a user’s own design & supplied material . The unique design of a SeaSafe Life jacket comes from the inner zip, which allows the cover to be removed and replaced when required. If the customer requires a new design, or an embroidered boat name may have changed, either way, a new cover only is required and not a new Life jacket.

The Junior 150N Lifejacket incorporates a fully approved deck safety harness and is available with automatic inflation only. Back-up manual and oral inflation is standard, as is the whistle and crotch strap.

The crotch strap is stitched into the Lifejacket and is not detachable. Polyester webbing is used on this jacket including a quick burst section opening with a 5 seconds inflation. 25mm webbing is used for the crotch strap and a belt tidy is included. The harness links are all stainless steel.

Options available for this jacket include SOLAS light, embroidery, printing & additional retro-reflective tape on the front panel (available as an external option).

Each Lifejacket is approved to EN ISO 12402-3:2006+A1:2010 and EN ISO 12401:2009 and is intended for use within sheltered waters.