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Genius Pro 25A

by Noco
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25 Amp UltraSafe Battery Charger with JumpCharge.
The NOCO PRO250 is a 25Amp automatic battery charger and maintainer for both 6V, 12V & 24V
lead-acid and lithium batteries.
● PRO25 Smart Charger
● Removeable cables
● Clamps with Integrated M10 Eyelets
● 10 inch X-Connect extension cable.

The NOCO PRO25 multi stage charger which
● Monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging,
● Cannot overcharge,
● Is spark and reverse polarity proof
● Automatically invokes repair mode with built-in battery desulfator
● Has 12V power supply mode
● Optimized charge mode for cold weather or AGM batteries
Current: 25 Amp DC
Voltages: 6V, 12V, 24V
Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium
Types: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB,
AGM, Lithium
Battery Capacity Range: Up To
500Ah (12V), Up To 250Ah (24V)
Maintenance: All Battery Sizes
Cooling: Fan
Output Power: 375 Watts
3 Year Limited Warranty

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